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Daintree Rainforest Fauna


A rich diversity of mammals inhabit Cooper Creek Wilderness, represented by both monotremes, the¬†Short-beaked Echidna and the¬†Platypus. ¬†Dasyurids are infrequently seen, but include the¬†Northern Tiger Quoll and the¬†Yellow-footed Antechinus. ¬†Northern Brown Bandicoot and the¬†Long-nosed Bandicoot are very common. ¬†The adorable Striped Possum and¬†Long-tailed Pygmy Possum inhabit the upper canopy with occasional sightings. ¬†Australia’s most primitive macropod, the¬†Musky Rat-Kangaroo is seen in the crepuscular light, whilst¬†Red-legged Pademelons,¬†Swamp Wallabies¬†and the very rare¬†Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo are occasionally seen. ¬†Placental mammal fauna is richly represented by¬†Mega-Bats, Micro-Bats,¬†Mice and Rats. read more


From endangered Cassowaries to tiny Yellow-bellied Sunbirds, the diversity of rainforest birdlife is extraordinary.  Mound-building Megapodes, including Brush Turkeys and Orange-footed Scrub-fowl, Frogmouths, Swifts, Pidgeons, Cuckoos, Crakes, Goshawks, Kites, Kingfishers, Bee-eaters Honeyeaters, Wrens, Friarbirds, Wood-swallows, Shrike-thrushes, Butcherbirds, Drongos, Monarchs, Orioles, Birds of Paradise, Catbirds, Fantails, Figbirds, Chowchilla, Robins, Parrots, Owls, Cormorants & Herons. read more


The ancient rainforests of the Daintree are habitat to an¬†impressive¬†diversity of reptiles, including the majestic¬†Amethystine and Jungle Carpet Pythons, Brown, Green and Northern Tree Snakes, Northern¬†Crowned, Red-bellied Black, Eastern Small-eyed and¬†Blind Snakes. ¬†The¬†Lizard fauna includes¬†Snake-Lizards, Chameleon and¬†Northern Leaf-tailed Geckos, a rich diversity of rainforest skinks, Goannas or monitor lizards,¬†Agamids or Dragons and the¬†Estuarine Crocodile. ¬†Saw-shelled and Krefft’s Freshwater Turtles are also found in most rainforest streams. read more


The marvellous tree frogs of the Daintree Rainforest include¬†Green-eyed,¬†Dainty Green,¬†Giant (White-lipped),¬†Northern Stoney Creek,¬†Common Mist and¬†Orange-thighed tree frogs.¬†Australian Lace-lids, Northern Barred, Sharp-snouted Torrent, Wood or Water Frogs,¬†Elegant and¬†Fry’s Whistle Frog¬†are found periodically throughout the year. read more


Bullrout, Empire Gudgeon, Freshwater Catfish, Jungle Perch, Long-finned Eels, Mangrove Jack, New Guinea Flagtail, Pacific Blue-eye, Rainbow Fish and Roman-nosed Goby are some of the fish species that inhabit the watercourses through the rainforest.


The spider fauna is rich and diverse, with¬†Brush-footed Trapdoor Spiders,¬†Daddy Long-legs,¬†St. Andrew’s Cross,¬†Long-Lobed, Northern Jewelled,¬†Two-spined,¬†Tree-stump,¬†Twig-mimicking and Twig-stump Orb-weavers,¬†Net-casting, Golden Orb-web, Long-jawed, Feather-legged,¬†Jumping, Portia, Huntsmen, Lichen,¬†Bird Dung,¬†Large Bark,¬†Cryptic, Green Tree Ant-mimicking and Ornate Crab Spiders,¬†Wolf, Lynx,¬†Nursery-web,¬†Giant Water, Green Water and Ant Spiders. read more


Two of the world’s largest insects, the¬†Giant Petaltail Dragonfly and¬†Atlas or Hercules Moth, both inhabit the Daintree Rainforest. Cicadas & plant-hoppers,¬†aphids & mealybugs,¬†true bugs, flat bugs, stink bugs,¬†assassin¬†bugs, thread-legged bugs,¬†lacewings,¬†ant-lions,¬†scarabs, weevils, ladybirds, fireflies,¬†longicorns,¬†stag, dung,¬†click, soldier, leaf,¬†flat bark, sap ,¬†handsome fungus, darkling, blister and pie-dish beetles, ¬†cycad weevils,¬†straight-snouted weevils,¬†robber,¬†circular-seamed, saw¬†and banana stalk flies,¬†wasps, ants, carpenter, cuckoo and honey bees, hornets, spider-wasps, ants, butterflies and moths,¬†web-spinners, stick insects,¬†grasshoppers, crickets, katydids,¬†cockroaches, termites, mantids … the diversity is incredible. read more